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Case Study
"We  always just posted randomly with no real scope of what we wanted the outcome to be" 

After completing the 7 Day Challenge we realised that to plan the businesses structure and marketing concept first made posting so much easier and the posts had a purpose!

We increased our sales and customer interest almost instantly, and have been able to increase our ability to converse with the customers on-line by building a great sales funnel with automation through emails.  It all sounded impossible before we did the challenge. 

"Don't hesitate - It Works"

Happy Cafe Owner

Posting in Social Media is too Hard!
Finding information to post regularly can be very tiresome and quite stressful if you do not plan the purpose of your postings.   The purpose is of course to increase your customer retention and create greater interest in your business.

It's important you know how to promote your business and the look of your Brand to ensure customers stay understanding what you offer and how your offer will assist them. Setting up a plan to understand what Benefits your business offers instead of just the Features will ensure that you are capturing the interest of your potential customers and retaining your current customers.

Social Media Domination is not hard it is just methodical!   Ensuring that you have a content calender mapped out with the end purpose is the easiest way to create an uncomplicated format that will ensure that your customers KEEP COMING BACK!

Ease the stress of Social Posting
Learn quickly how to set up the information you need to create a social media calendar so you dont have to worry every week "What are we going to post about?"  

Don't fall into one of these traps

  Don't worry the staff will work it out
 Social Media won't work for me anyhow
 I have enough customers
 How could Social media increase my customer base they are not on Facebook

BE AWARE 87% of your customers are online 2 Hours of each and every dayViewing everyone else's information and capturing  YOUR COMPETITIONS stories!

Know how in just 7 days!
7 Day Challenge will give your the structure to map out all of your business knowledge about your business and your customers and show you what will attract them to your Social Media pages and keep them engaged with your business. 
Do the 7 day Challenge today!
Take the time to develop your Social Media Marketing Plan and SAVE the headaches and frustrations of future postings!

Make the move today and see your business grow
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Show how your service solves their problems.
7 Quick Days to Social Media Domination
Learn what we do to ensure you Dominate your Social!

Day 1
Develop the mental clarity to focus on growing your social media
Day 2
Develop your S.W.O.T. This valuable document assists you  to develop your business marketing strategies ensuring your social media has a purpose
Day 3
Finalise and strategize where your SWOT can and will be used to Grow your sales
Day 4
Define your BRAND
Day 5
Create the CHARACTER of your business
Day 6
Do you know your customer?  Create your Buyer Persona(s)
Day 7
Display the emotions of your business to your customer by learning how to involve your customers with STORIES
If you are not happy after the first 2 Days we will return your payment with no questions asked! 
package a
 Take the stress out of social
 Know your business to make social easy
 know your customer to increase your retention
 Give your business the boost to increase your sales
package B
$9.90 per week
  Includes your 7 Day challenge training program



This program will assist you to continue to create the foundations of your social media with on-line training on the social
platforms best suited to your business 


Pmt in quarterly installments 
$9.90 per week = $42.90 mthly 

MONEY SAVING OPTION! Introduce a business collegue to the program and we will credit you $97 to spend on any further training we provide (and we provide plenty of further options for you to enhance your social awareness!) 
Don't Miss this GREAT MONEY SAVING Option!
We ensure that you are completely informed every step of the way - We even have a private email for you to talk to us!  NO frustrating waiting waiting when you work with Sway Social! 
What if I Don't have TIME for Social Posting
With all of our programs we offer a Done For You Version that will assist those too busy.  Building your business is our Passion. 
What if I find this all too hard as I am not computer Savvy?
Well, you made it too here so I beleive we can assist you to understand and receive a better knowledge of what is required and how you are going to make it happen!
I totally LOVE doing the postings but just can't think of enough things to post about
Don't worry we have Content Calendars that tell you when to post what and exactly how you design the layout.
My business isn't suited to Social Media
Every business, Bricks & Mortar, Consulting, Online or Hobby size can benefit from a strong Social Media Presence!  Let us help you see the light.... and grow your revenue!
I'm here helping you Grow Your Business Revenue!
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